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I am 56 years old, and it has always been my dream to learn to play guitar. In 2018, my wife bought me a guitar for Christmas and signed me up for lessons with Mitch. I am so glad she did! In a very short time Mitch taught me to play “Knocking on Heavens Door” by Gun & Roses. Mitch not only teaches you how to play, he also takes the time to explain the theory and over all musicality behind the what you are learning. Every lesson is always exciting and fun, which make me wanting more and more. With Mitch help, I am looking forward to fulfill my dream through the musical education he provides.
Jim Orris
I’ve taken lessons from a few instructors over the past 15 years. All only lasted about 3-6 months due to losing interest with lack of advancement. I’ve been taking lessons from Mitch now for almost 13 months and keep looking forward to the next lesson each week. His ability to teach a song and link it to theory has been great. I’ve not only learned how to play many songs on guitar but also on bass! Even playing each for a small garage band. On top of that he has taught me how to engineer, record, edit and mix my own songs for production. I look forward to what the future has for my music! Thank you Mitch!!!!
Jason Breaithwaite
I'm a guitar player of 6 years, and I've played a little bass as well. For a long time I've had an interest in further developing my skill sets to play both. I've been taking lessons with Mitch for over year now. He has taught me a number of techniques in my playing and we have gone over roughly a dozen songs. I've had a great experience taking lessons from Mitch and I would recommend him as an instructor for anyone who wants to learn to play guitar and/or bass.
Alex Sipe
I contacted Mitch to learn how to record and produce my own music. There is a lot to know about that side of music creativity, and without someone to clearly explain it it's easy to feel lost. Mitch did a phenomenal job at helping me to understand how to comfortably and properly record music of my own and of many other genres.
Greg Belman


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